Who should I vote for? What politicians vote pro-animal?

Whether you live in a red, blue, or purple state, one of the MOST important things you can do as an animal lover and activist is to VOTE. But who do you vote for?

Federal bills & politicians: One of the best resources out there to look at how federal House
Representatives and federal Senators have voted on animal issues is the Humane Society Legislative Fund and their yearly scorecard. They follow many animal-related pieces of legislation that come up throughout each two year congressional period and rate each congress person (both Senators and House members) based on whether they made pro-animal or anti-animal votes, or supported animal-related bills through something called “cosponsorship”. Each Senator and House member receives a score of 1-100+. They can also give presidential candidate recommendations.

Here is the most recent scorecard (look for the 2 Senators of your own state, and look for your 1 House member that represents your district - can find out who yours is here first):
A sample of what the scorecard looks like. You can also download a pdf of it here

Here are their current endorsements for the 2020 election (you only need to worry about voting for 1 federal House representative, and possibly 1 federal Senator in your voting state:

Current federal legislation related to animal welfare can be found here:

Pro-animal groups to follow/subscribe to for California state bills and politicians:
Social Compassion in Legislation

PAWPAC - who also comes out with their own scorecard for California state Senators and Assembly people, to give you guidance on how to vote.

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This is a website I heard about the other day. You can see track what bills are going through Congress

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