General Information on Industry Groups

There are many industry groups involved in propping up animal agriculture.These groups typically focus on marketing and public-policy outreach, fighting for legislation that favors their industry usually in the form of de-regulation. As an example, the mission statement of an industry group called National Pork Producers Council is as follows:

The National Pork Producers Council, representing 42 affiliated state associations, works to ensure that the U.S. pork industry remains a consistent and responsible supplier of high-quality pork to domestic and international markets.

Through public-policy outreach, NPPC fights for reasonable legislation and regulations, develops revenue and market opportunities, and protects the livelihood of America’s 60,000 pork producers.

In addition to working on legislation, regulations and trade initiatives, NPPC has its own political action committee, PorkPAC, dedicated to educating and supporting federal lawmakers and candidates who support pork producers.

While it is common of industry groups to focus on legislative work, there are some fun ones that focus on animal rights activists and attempt to keep industry leaders up-to-date on the strategies of activists and the state of the movement in order to perform damage control on the industry’s public image.

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