Frontline Activist Resources

Here are a few tips for activists, especially those who plan on being a frontline activist (entering a facility, doing an open rescue, doing anything good that could be categorized as “illegal”).


More tips from personal experience:

  • Security is IMPORTANT. If you have entered, especially if you have RESCUED an animal from a facility, I recommend not posting or telling anyone about what happened until weeks, even MONTHS afterwards. In some cases, police officers didn’t find out who rescued the animal until it was publicized by the rescuer and the officers have tried to not only arrest the rescuer but also take back the animal. Facilities, especially ones that test on animals, can also falsely claim that their site has been contaminated and sue the person who entered the lab or even euthanize all the animals.
    - Use Signal for communication when talking about things that may be very sensitive information.

  • Be very strategic- come prepared with a good team and supplies, check the area on Google Maps before entering, etc.


Nice work! I hadn’t seen the ASA thread before - thanks!

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