Country View Family Farms

Country View Family Farm’s website.
Has 250 farms throughout Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania
They are connected with Clemens Food Group, a company that owns two slaughterhouses.

Company makes ‘humane’ claims. Markets farms as ‘family farms’ even though they are massive factory farms.

Some of the farming innovations in place at our Country View Family Farms:

  • Group housing to allow sows to socialize and move freely
  • Computerized ear tags to monitor food intake and hog health
  • Computer-regulated temperature and ventilation to keep environments cool and dry year round
  • Innovative water systems to keep water fresh, clean, and available at all times for all hogs while reducing waste
  • Modern, swing-gate farrowing pens currently being tested in 40% of our farms, allow sows to interact with their piglets without confinement one week after birth, without compromising piglet safety.

Company is expanding. Aquired Maxwell Foods farms in the beginning of 2020.

Some properties owned by them:

Huston Hollow sow farm investigated by Mercy for Animals in 2009.

Papertrails on their farms:

Sow Farms (Breeding):
Martindale Creek Farm
Horseshoe Bend Farm
Country View Family Farms - Unknown Sow Farm
Huston Hollow

Unionport Nurseries
Indian Trail Nurseries


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Wow that’s crazy. Those farms sure as hell don’t look like ‘family farms’. Ridiculous. Thanks for finding all of this info.