Ventilation Shutdown Plus (VSD) and other depopulation methods, AVMA & AASV

Veterinary Guidelines for the depopulation (mass killing) method “Ventilation Shutdown Plus” from the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) and the AASV (American Association of Swine Veterinarians)

AVMA: Guidelines for Depopulation of Animals, Page 45

AASV: Depopulation Recommendations, page 13

Other depopulation options:
The American Veterinary Medical Association lists possible depopulation methods in three categories (AVMA, 2019):
1. Preferred
Nonpenetrating captive bolt
Penetrating captive bolt
anesthetics and euthanasia agents
Manual blunt force trauma
Movement to slaughter
Carbon dioxide
Anesthetic overdose

2. Permitted in Constrained Circumstances
Sodium nitrite
Compounded or nonpharmaceutical-grade injectable
Ventilation shutdown plus

3. Not Recommended
None listed

On public Perception:

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VSD in action, reported by The Intercept and Direct Action Everywhere:

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