Undercover Investigations in CO2 Gas Chambers

This year, activist groups all across the globe have been releasing undercover footage showing the public the horrors of what happens to pigs inside of gas chambers.

CO2 “stunning chambers” have become increasingly commonplace in slaughterhouses worldwide. Industry groups claim benefits for animal welfare and efficiency. But in reality, the only benefit is their bottom dollar, chambers give slaughterhouses the ability to stun more pigs in less time with less man power.

In January 2023, Stop Gas Chambers Now released footage from inside a Smithfield slaughterhouse, captured by Raven Deerbrook. She managed to hide a camera in one of the gondolas and recorded hours of horrific footage.

In March 2023, Chris Delforce from Farm Transparency Project released Australian footage showing the same horror happening inside Australian Food Group Abattoir.

And just this month, footage was released from Pilgrims Pride abattoir in the UK, taken by Joey Carbstrong in 2021 for a film coming soon called “Pignorant.”