Plainville Farms

Plainville Farms has contract grow farms scattered around southern Pennsylvania. The turkeys are raised in large dusty barns on these farms and delivered to the slaughterhouse in New Oxford, PA Sunday night through Thursday night. Upon nightfall; Plainville turkey loading crews herd, kick, and throw turkeys from the barns onto a conveyor belt where they are slung into cages on a live haul trailer. There are 144 cages on each trailer and around 6 toms or 15 hens are stuffed into each cage depending on the size of the birds. When they are full, the semi trucks drop the trailers off at the slaughterhouse (typically between 10 pm and 7 am depending on the season). The birds then wait for hours (in the trailers in the lot across the street) until the slaughter crews start work the next morning and get around to hanging them upside down, shackled by their feet. They are killed and bled via a blade run across their throat.