PePe's Live Poultry LLC

PePe’s Live Poultry is a live market located in Newark, New Jersey. Here they slaughter many species from Guinea Pigs to Calves. It’s estimated they earn at max up to 1 million USD per year.

Many chickens escape cages and free-roam the building. While that might sound good at first, you then realize they have no access to food or water, and will drink shit water out of the drains when desperate enough.

There’s a small back area where tons of goats are kept, and sometimes even a calf or two. I personally haven’t seen any, but it is said they have pigs there too.

There is one younger boy who works there who’s family is from the Dominican Republic. There are no signs of human trafficking based on his behavior, I just feel really bad for him. (If anyone wants a name I will comment below)

Address is:
602 Broadway, Newark, NJ 07104

All photos may be used with credit to @StumpysCompassion

If you go to the address on Google Maps, more images are listed there.

As a side note, I would also like to state that I was able to visit her very often and take as many photos as I wanted, but then a bunch of vegan activists not understanding what they were doing, began protesting there and I was prohibited from taking any more photos.

Btw, they only had 3 vigils then got in trouble. So now none of us can document inside anymore.