Online Resources and Search Tools

This is a list of resources I’ve found useful while researching organizations and supply chains.

Manta is a website for business listings, I have found it to have more individual listings than google business listings, but the data is suspect.

Landglide is a parcel data and property line app, free for the first month.

You can also generally find this data on your local county website (which should be free) and if not, calling the county and asking them where you can find property data and parcel line information is a very regular and acceptable thing to do.

Environmental Working Group has a subsidy calculator that gives data about the subsidies received by an individual or organization. It also has business listings.

Propublica’s Nonprofit explorer is a resource used to find the expenses of nonprofits, such as lobbying groups like the National Pork Producers Council.

I also find that industry publications are very useful. Many CAFO owners have been interviewed for magazines, product testimonials, interest group affiliations (such as the Farm Bureaus), etc.

The USDA website is a difficult tool to wield but it does supply a lot of information about the industry. Their page linking every checkoff group is particularly useful. It is not an intuitive site - but googling “search terms USDA” often yields results.