Mao Slaughterhouse

Urgent action opportunity: Expose Humane Farce to Key Customers
Chicken slaughterhouse owned by Jidori Foods.

Evidence of grossly unsanitary conditions and disturbing animal abuse which represents CDFA and CA Penal Code violations.

Photos courtesy of Slaughter Free Network

It appears that this company is using standard breed chickens and sourcing them from factory chicken farms under conditions that are considered standard across the industry, so there is nothing special or unique about the product. Their customers and end customers are paying a premium with the expectation that they are supporting the highest animal welfare standards. In stark contrast, Mao markets his product as humane, sustainable and premium, commanding a high price.

Key Jidori customers — SUR Restaurant (owned by celebrity Lisa Vanderpump), Wolfgang Puck, WYNN Resorts, and Marriott.

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Key supplier is Blue Fox Farms according to Jidori staff. Looks like rows and rows of sheds presumably housing thousands of chickens each. Looks like a standard “factory farm” rather some “boutique” farm