Maintaining Security Culture on Papertrail

User Profiles

Please use your discretion while considering what information to display on your profile. We would recommend that you only use your first name for your safety online.

Confidential Information

It is extremely important to recognize while using this tool in your activism that this platform is not a secure place to speak about confidential information.

If you would like to discuss confidential information, we would recommend that you only have these discussions over a secure application like Signal, which is available on IOS, Android and/or desktop.

Each user has been prompted at sign-up to indicate whether they are available to be contacted through Signal and this will be displayed on their profile card. If you would like to discuss confidential information with another user, please private message them and ask for their phone number so you can message them through Signal.


It is very likely that we will have infiltrators who are active on Papertrail or monitoring our communications, so once again, we would like to stress that you don’t share any confidential information that could result in legal trouble or compromise a campaign/investigation.