Leaving a Papertrail on a Facility

Many of you might be wondering, what kind of information should I leave in a Papertrail? This page is meant to give you some ideas about the kind of dirt you can dig up using the Counterglow Map.

Using Satellite Imagery

Dead Piles

Dead piles can be spotted using satellite imagery quite easily.
Notice that this image was taken on Google Earth and the imagery date is listed on the bottom of the image as being from April of 2017. It seems that most of Google’s satellite imagery is from that date. Our map software has imagery from around 2011-2013. If you’re looking for things on satellite imagery, we would suggest viewing the farm on Google Maps for more up-to-date imagery.

Dead pile at Fair Oaks Dairy #3, screenshot from Google Maps imagery

Composting Piles

Composting is another method of disposing of animals’ bodies on the farm. Some farms will have MASSIVE composting piles. Most composting piles look like the one above. However, some will be a little more difficult to identify because they have metal awnings over them as shown below.

These piles are an easy indicator of how many animals are dying on-site at this farm. Finding dead piles/large compost piles could help you figure out what kind of farm you’re looking at.

For example, sow farms (pig breeding farms) are always going to have deadpiles/composting piles or a dead bin (trash can solely for bodies) so finding a large pile along with noting the farm has chutes, connected buildings and a lagoon could be a good indicator that you’re looking at a sow farm.

Sharing Links

Share links to news articles, videos, company websites, related social media posts, etc.

Supply Chain Research

If you use Google’s street view feature, you can see vehicles in the parking lots of certain farms. If they have semi-trucks with logos on them, it could be helpful in finding out where they supply to. For example, I have used this tool before to spot a few Kroger trucks loading up at an egg farm.

Here is how you use Street View:
Click on this icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. street view
This image shows all of the streets that they have imagery for. Sometimes, they aren’t going to have the data you are looking for. Especially, if the facility is on random country roads.

Facebook/Google/Indeed.com Reviews

If the specific facility has a google business listing or a Facebook page, it is entirely possible that they might have some reviews with valuable or shocking information. Here are some examples of things you might find in the reviews:

You can also search through employee reviews at websites like Indeed or Glassdoor.

If you are doing research in order to bear witness at a slaughterhouse, you could find info on when trucks arrive at the facility by using these resources. Any of this information would be great to note in a Papertrail.


wow! this is really good information. I’ve pinned a ton of locations on the map, but never thought to look for deadpiles.


Should we post information about whether a Save group holds regular vigils or a record of protests at the facility?


Yes, that would be great information to have! It would also be great if you could post any pictures that you might have of the facility.

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